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For Bengalis, Luchi is not only a Sunday special breakfast, but this is also an emotion!

If you are new to the whole Luchi concept, here ‘s all you need to know. Soft, fragrant, puff (read Fulko), deep fried bread is not a diet food; it is a weekend indulgence, it is The Dish to begin a feast! Ask a Bong that there won’t be Luchi and Aloor Torkari served on a wedding breakfast menu and look at his or her reaction!

Luchi and Bengali Occasions

Growing up, Luchi was a special dish for all the occasions.  

Bie Bari – r Jolkhabar ( Bengali wedding Breakfast menu) means Luchi Aloo r Torkari, Misti.

Luchi and Aloo -r tarkari

Jonmodiner special Menu Luchi, Mangsho, Payes, Misti, cake.

During my school, college years Luchi and Kosha Mansho was a mandatory menu on my birthday.

Luchi Mangsho Gajarer haluwa
Luchi Mangsho and Gajorer haluwa

Durga Pujor asthami special lunch–  Luchi, Cholar dal, Kumror Chokka, Aloo Phoolkopir Tarkari, Chutney, Payesh–  this was the Asthami special lunch menu in my in law’s place, as they have the ritual of eating a pure sattvic meal on that day, though my husband had his own ritual of eating Biryani on that particular day!

But now, when we live a thousand miles away from Calcutta, every year on the day of Durga asthami I try to make the same meal for dinner, and not only we cherish our old memories but also try to convey our tradition to our daughter.


Ingredients you need

This is another one of those recipes with high returns for a low cost. Plain flour, Ghee, salt, Sugar, Oil and water these are the ingredients you need to make Luchi. I would suggest you save this one for your five ingredients recipe folder.

How and What to serve with Luchi

Ideally these should be served hot and you can serve anything with freshly made hot Luchi. Here are some of my favourite combination:

  • Begun Bhaja, Cholar dal and Misti- can be served for Breakfast or Dinner Menu
  • Aloo r Torkari, Suji – Sunday Breakfast
  • Aloor Dom, Payesh – Winter special Breakfast
  • Mangsho, Rashogolla – Special dinner
  • Ghugni –  Evening snack

If you have some Basi Luchi ( leftovers) enjoy with leftover Suji, Payesh or simply dip into the hot tea and it tastes delicious! But don’t blame me because It guaranteed that you are going to suffer from indigestion for a couple of hours!

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Here is my Luchi recipe for you!

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