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Fish croquettes

Fish Croquettes – freezer-friendly prep-ahead party food

by Shyamali Sinha

These fish croquettes or fish rolls are flavourful inside and crispy on the outside. It is one of those finger food recipes that will add wow factor not only to your prep-ahead party food or your holiday menu, but also an excellent addition to your freezer-friendly dish to add on your weekly menu.

 I prefer to make recipes that can be prepared in advance and help me to serve for Afternoon snacks, or I can use as a protein option for a wrap that I can pack for a quick pick me up kind of meal for a picnic. 

What type of fish do you need for this recipe?

Any fish fillet will work for this recipe. Some inexpensive options are Tuna, Basa, king Dori, Cod, silver bream. 

And some Bengali fish options are

  • Bhetki- (Asian Sea bass)
  • Aar, Boal ( catfish)
  • Rui Katla ( Indian carp)

Fish croquettes/ Fish rolls recipe for Holiday Menu and a quick meal

Being a mom and homemaker over the years, I learned one big lesson, and that is if you want to enjoy a stress-less and productive life, you need to learn Two survival skills. 

One is Planning, and the other one is Prep-ahead.

How these fish rolls or fish croquettes fit for a week-night meal or school lunch box? 

No matter it’s school term days or school holidays, whether you have one kid or more kids, mom’s life is always busy. During the holidays it’s more eventful. Playdates, picnics, holiday activity events, friends over, long drive and the list goes on! Right? These rolls are a great companion with simple Dal Bhat ( Dal and Rice ) kind of meal with some salad or with some quick fried rice.

We love to eat fish over meat. So somedays I take two or three fish croquettes from my freezer, fry them and make a fish roll wrap for my daughter’s school lunch box .when she comes back home from school and keeps telling the lunch was delicious. Haha and for me, that’s the satisfaction! 

Fish Croquettes recipe

What to serve with Fish croquettes/ Fish rolls?

  • If you are serving as a starter or appetiser then serve with either tartar sauce or tomato sauce.
Fish croquettes with Tomato Sauce
Fish croquettes with Mayonnaise and Tomato Sauce
  • To make a wrap spread some green chutney or mayonnaise on a flour tortilla, add some chopped cucumber, lettuce, tomato, onion, then place the fried fish rolls.
Fish croquettes with fried rice

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