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Boiled Egg sandwich - Recipe by Foodie's Hut

Boiled Egg Sandwich

by Shyamali Sinha

Boiled egg sandwich – This year  I made these sandwiches for my daughter’s birthday party and everyone loved it, Boiled Egg sandwich  is a practical finger food choice for kids birthday parties, potluck, picnic, I often pack this sandwiches for my daughter’s lunch box and did I say that sometimes I make these beauties for our weekend brunch too! you name it, it will serve all the purpose!

Boiled Egg sandwich - recipe by Foodie's Hut
Boiled Egg sandwich

If you already have some hard-boiled eggs, in the refrigerator, less than 5 minutes you can put together the dish.

If you love to eat hard-boiled eggs and egg salad, then you will love this recipe. are you looking for carbs less snack option, then serve the egg salad on the lettuce cups, it will taste delicious.

Boiled Egg sandwich - Recipe by Foodie's Hut
Boiled Egg sandwich

Here is my hard-boiled Egg sandwich recipe, hope you like the recipe.

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